Or are they, really?

That’s a question I often get asked by U.S. clients who need to sue (or have been sued) in Germany. These American clients have certain expectations with regard to what a good and hard nosed litigation lawyer does. Harvey Specter style shock and awe tactics. The German civil litigation counsel, in their view, does not live up to these Hollywood or Netflix expectations. Well, what creates the impression of a German trial lawyer being far too mellow and tame is simply the very different set of rules with regard to civil litigation. There is no jury to impress with flamboyant speeches, there are no pre trial depositions and there is no discovery. German judges (often female) do not appreciate too much testosterone in their courtroom.

So what options are there for a German trial lawyer and how do you win civil lawsuits in Germany? I have created a whole blog on the topic with dozens of posts, checklists and tips. So if you are a US or UK litigation lawyer who needs to go to court in Germany, find out about the very different rules of the “game” by reading here



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