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Property Lease

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How to sell inherited German Property

An English or American Executor finds that the Testator's Estate comprises a Flat, House or Plot of Land in Germany. What now? If the deceased owned real estate in Germany which the executor or the beneficiaries now wish to sell as soon as possible, this legal guide explains what needs to be done to sell an inherited home in Germany. The sale of the German property may be complicated further if the house or flat…
Bernhard Schmeilzl
January 12, 2017
Property Lease

Tenants beware of Waiver Clauses in German Property Lease Agreements

Renting a House or Flat in Germany? Do not sign a "Kündigungsverzicht" Clause The basic rule under German law is that tenants have the right to terminate an open-ended lease agreement by giving 3 months notice (see s. 573c German Civil Code in the chapter “property leases for an indefinite period” ). In contrast to the UK, such open-ended lease agreements are standard in Germany. However, a tenant can waive this right by signing it…
Bernhard Schmeilzl
February 26, 2016