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If your Parent or Child passes away while having been resident in Germany…

... then German Succession Rules do apply to the Estate! Since August 2015, all EU members (except for UK, Ireland and Denmark) apply the same basic rule: The national succession laws of that country shall apply in which the decedent had his or her last habitual residence (EU Succession Regulation, EU 650/2012). Thus, if your parent or your child has been permanently living in - for instance - Germany, France or Spain and sadly dies…
Bernhard Schmeilzl
March 6, 2018
German LawGerman ProbateGerman Succession & Inheritance Law

The Infamous “Community of Heirs” in German Inheritance Law – And How to Avoid it

A German testator can have more than one beneficiaries, but should never appoint more than one "heirs" German Succession Law does not know the concept of a "Personal Representative". Instead, German inheritance law applies the principle of direct accession (more on this here). That is all very nice and efficient if there is only a sole heir. Or if, in case there are several heirs, they are reasonable and on good speaking terms. If, however,…
Bernhard Schmeilzl
July 27, 2016