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Important Facts on German Laws of Succession and German Probate

All you need to know about German inheritance law and probate proceedings Download the free brochure provided by the legal experts on international wills, cross border probate and British-German or US-German estate administration German lawyer Bernhard Schmeilzl, LL.M. (Leicester) specialises in British-German and American-German inheritance law ever since his admission to the German bar association in 2001. Together with his team of British and German succession and probate law experts he has compiled an easy…
Bernhard Schmeilzl
January 9, 2017
Civil actionGoing to courtLitigation in Germany

Compensation for a wrecked Car under the German Law of Torts

Car Accidents: How are Damages calculated under German Law? Each year, German police registers 2.2 million traffic accidents (for official 2016 stats see here). German insurers, lawyers and Courts are thus constantly faced with the question how to calculate damage claims after a car accident has occured. If the car can still be repaired, the matter is fairly simple. The Defendant must pay for the costs for a state of the art repair plus the…
Bernhard Schmeilzl
May 31, 2016