LGBT Friendly Law Firms in Germany, Austria and Britain

Although Germany and Britain are comparatively liberal and progressive societies, we are fully aware that the struggle against hate, discrimination and bigotry is far from over.

Our firm of German and British lawyers supports openness, diversity and equal rights for all sexual orientations and gender identities.

We welcome clients from the LGBT community both in Germany and the UK and we provide legal advice in all areas of law, from family law (e.g. same sex marriage, same sex couple adoptions), the preparation of (German or international) last wills, estate and succession planning for same sex couples to – where necessary – anti-discrimination measures at the workplace or elsewhere.

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The law firm Graf & Partners was established in 2003 and has many years of experience with British-German and US-German legal matters.The Anglo-German litigation lawyer team of GP Chambers is well equipped to advise and represent clients from the UK, the USA and other English speaking countries. If you wish us to advise or represent you in a German or international legal matter, just call our main office on +49 941 463 7070.

Economic data Germany

The German Federal Statistical Office (DESTATIS), based in Wiesbaden, is constantly publishing data and projections regarding German economy in general as well as regarding various economic sectors. Furthermore, you can find all kinds of statistics regarding environment, society, social security and state. Most services are also available in English. So if you are looking for the facts and figures about Germany this website is a reliable source. For the current economic facts about Germany in a nutshell see “Key Figures” on the top right corner.


German Laws in English

In case you need to look into the wording of specific German legislation you can find many relevant German statutes on the website of the German Department of Justice (here). The central codification is the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch), which is available for download here: German_Civil_Code_in_English_language.

English speaking entrepreneurs looking for information about German law and on how to do business in Germany may also find the following links helpful. The bilingual brochures “Law – Made in Germany” (free download here) as well as “Continental Law” (free download here), published by the German Law Societies explains the basic principles of Continental Law.

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