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We have no “Mike Wright” – Fraudsters use our firm’s name

Sooner or later, every international law firm faces the problem of their name being used for spam mails or fraud attempts. Currently, i.e. April 2018, it seems to be our turn. Some idiots have sent out thousands of emails claiming to be “Grafpartners-Solicitors”. These spam emails look like this and come with an attachment:

Please do not open the attachment and also do not respond to them, since we have nothing to do with this. While there are a few “real” solicitors by the name of Michael (or Mike) Wright out there, there is no Graf & Partner solicitor by that name. Nor is this our real domain or email address. Unfortunately, these days, there is not much one can do against such online fraudsters.

If in doubt whether an email was indeed sent by us, you are welcome to call our office to verify.