Executors and Trustees in German Inheritance Law

There exist, as we have explained here, fundamental differences between the inheritance law concepts of the UK and Germany. Since UK probate law requires a personal representative, many testators in the UK appoint an executor in their will. In Germany, however, where a “personal representative” is unknown due to the principle of universal succession, the inheritors come into ownership as well as into possession of the estate automatically and directly. Therefore, appointing an executor (Testamentsvollstrecker) is the exception in Germany, used only in cases where the testator expects the future inheritors to quarrel or where the testators will probably still be under age at the time of inheritance. Furthermore – since the concepts are different – the words “executor” and “Testamentsvollstrecker” are false friends, they have similar but not identical legal powers and obligations.

Now, when a British citizen had all or parts of his estate in Germany at the time of his death, there is the need for a German grant of probate (called “Erbschein”). The probate procedure is explained here and here.

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When a deceased UK Citizen owned Assets in Germany

How to get access to an Estate under German Inheritance Law

When a UK citizen dies while having possessions in Germany (bank accounts, deposits, shares, insurance claims or property), one must first determine whether the estate is governed by German hereditary law and thus falls into the competence of German probate courts: Continue reading

Basics of German Inheritance Law (German Probate)

German inheritance law differs very much from UK law and there are many formal requirements which must be followed. A good starting point for basic information about the law of succession in Germany (or any other European country for that matter) is the official EU website “Successions in Europe“. It answers a few basic questions and contains helpful links for more detailed research.

In our CrossChannelLawyers blog we try to dig deeper in regard to many issues of British-German and US-German succession rules, inheritance tax, estate planning and international probate.

For starters, let us quickly explain some major differences between UK and German laws of succession:

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