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German Law in English Language

Obviously, German legal research is easier if you are able to read German. English-language resources are available, but mostly limited to general introductions or very specific special interest topics a German legal scholar has published about in English language.

Still, if you are an English speaking lawyer or legal scholar interested in German law in English language, here are some sources you may find helpful:

(1) Harvard Law School Library – German Law Research

The Harvard Law School guide (link here) provides information about researching German law, from German law textbooks, legal journals, German subscription databases and free internet resources.

(2) Translations of German Acts, Codes and Statutes into English

The German Federal Ministry of Justice (Bundesjustizministerium) hosts the website “Gesetze im Internet” (German Law online) on which most German statutes and directives are freely available to the public. A significant portion of these German statutes, especially German civil law, commercial law and civil procedure law are also available in an English translation (link here).

(3) German Code of Civil Procedure (Civil Litigation)

Information of civil and commercial litigation is available on the blog www.germancivilprocedure.com

(4) German Labour Law

The German Federal Ministry of Labour provides information on German employment law of this website (link here).

(5) Law Made in Germany

The dual-language brochure “Law – Made in Germany”, which is available as a free pdf download here, provides a general introduction to German law, including contract law, constitutional and administrative law, German tort law, commercial, corporate and labour law.

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