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Check the Official Lawyer Register of the German Bar Association

Unfortunately, there are some criminals out there who pretend to be German lawyers. They come up with fake stories about an international inheritance or some other legal matter and try to trick their victims into paying (entirely bogus) court fees or taxes etc.

There is, however, a simple way to protect yourself against such a fake lawyer. Whenever you are in doubt about the legitimacy of a German lawyer, you can always check the official national lawyer’s register of the German Bar Association (Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer) which is even available in an English language version: 

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German litigation and probate lawyer Bernhard Schmeilzl is an expert in the field of international inheritance and succession law. As co-founder of Graf & Partners he obtains German, English and EU-wide grants of probate (letters testamentary) for English speaking clients since 2003 and is a specialist in the administration of international estates. He also sorts out complex questions of inheritance taxation in international succession cases. Bernhard created the legal blogs Cross Channel Lawyers (which you are reading right now) and InternationalProbateLaw.com

For reliable information on Anglo-US-German probate matters and international Will preparation also see this FAQ video: