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GrafLegal creates US-German Legal Desk

Too much cricket, not enough baseball! That’s essentially what our marketing people told us after finding that 65% of all posts on our various law blogs deal with UK-German legal issues, only 35% with USA related topics. We may just have gone a bit too much Downton Abbey on everyone. Enough of that, let’s balance the scales!

The German law firm for US-German legal matters

To start off our US client appreciation project, we created US versions of our popular brochures on US-German litigation and US-German probate. These

Guides to International Litigation and International Probate

are available for free download here:

GrafLegal Guide to German Civil Litigation (USA version)

GrafLegal Guide to US-German Probate Matters

For those who want to dig even deeper into German civil procedure rules, visit our blog: www.germancivilprocedure.com and our youtube channel: