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How to Change Your Name in Germany

By January 14, 2022Family Law

German law is quite restrictive when it comes to changing last names

In England, anyone can change their last name by simple deed poll. Not so in Germany! Under German law, one is usually stuck for life with the name selected by one’s parents.

The only easy method to get rid of one’s last name is to marry. Because, upon marriage, each spouse is free to either keep their own last name, take on the spouse’s name or opt for a dual family name. Details are set out in section 1355 German Civil Code.

Outside of marriage (or adoption), however, the last name of a person may only be changed if the applicant can demonstrate important cause (wichtiger Grund), see section 3 Namensänderungsgesetz (German Act on Name Change).  The authorities have some administrative discretion what constitutes an important reason and they tend to be quite restrictive.

A name change will obviously be granted where an applicant has been heavily abused by a parent and cannot be reasonably expected to bear that abuser’s last name. Apart from such obvious circumstances, it is sometimes quite a struggle for the applicant and their lawyers to convince the German authorities (Standesamt, i.e. the local persons register) that a name change is necessary. Applications should therefore be diligently prepared!

The minimum requirements for a name change application in Germany are set out in this standard form (this specific form is for the name change regarding a child) which is used by many German persons registers (Standesamt).

However, the important aspect is to make a convincing argument from the outset. If the Standesamt has rejected the application because the case was “too thin”, is becomes even harder to obtain the desired result. 

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