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EU Court: Patients entitled to a full copy of their medical file free of cost

German law which stated that physicians / hospitals can demand reimbursement for costs no longer applicable

Right to obtain the full patient records under German law

Under German law, every patient is entitled to obtain a full copy of the patient file kept by their physician or the hospital (defined as “the treating party”, see section 630g German Civil Code, titled “Inspection of Medical Records”. However, this was subject to the patient being willing to reimburse the treating party for the costs related to creating such a copy. Some hospitals charged up to 50 Cent per page, which can add up to a significant amount if the hospital file is hundreds or even thousands of pages thick.

The wording of the relevant statute is: 

(2) The patient can also request electronic duplicates of the medical records. He/she shall reimburse to the treating party the costs incurred.

This German statute was challenged by a German claimant who demanded his patient file but refused to bear any costs. He based this on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. The German court stayed proceedings and referred this matter to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to decide upon.

The patient won! According to the ECJ ruling of 26 Oct 2023, patients are entitled to one full copy of the entire patient file without having to reimburse the physician / hospital. The above German statute is thus no longer applicable.

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