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Buying German Property as Brexit Counter-Strategy

If you consider to invest some of your money outside the UK due to Brexit and the financial uncertainties caused by it, purchasing property in Germany may be a smart approach. Property value has been rising steadily, in some German cities (like Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart) very significantly. The German economy is strong and finding solvent and reliable tenants is hardly ever a problem for landlords. If you consider purchasing a flat or a house in Germany we will be happy to advise and assist with all steps of the process, from finding the right property (either through an estate agent or directly) to the sale agreement and conveyancing process to finding a tenant and arranging for a lease agreement. More information on buying property in Germany, the German Land Registry and conveyancing process and the rights and duties of tenants and landlords in Germany is available in these posts:

– Legal guide to buying a house or apartment in Germany

– Template of German Land Sale & Purchase Agreement

– Apartment Prices in Germany: How to get a quick Overview

– Searching for Property Information in the German Land Registry

– Tenants beware of Waiver Clauses in German Property Lease Agreements

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The law firm Graf & Partners and its German-English litigation department GP Chambers was established in 2003 and has many years of experience with British-German and US-German legal issues. If you need legal advice or representation in Germany please contact German solicitor Bernhard Schmeilzl, LL.M. (Leicester) at this number +49 941 463 7070