Model Employment Contract (German Law, English Language)

In this article here we have explained the basic principles of German labour law, in particular the protection of employees against dismissal. To give you an idea what a typical German employment agreement looks like we have posted a model Employee Agreement here: Model_Employment_Contract_Germany_english_2013

The contract is based on German labour law, but drafted in English language. To use an English contract is of course only acceptable if the employee is fluent in English otherwise he/she may later claim that the contract is void. We therefore suggest to use bilingual contract templates, like this model Director’s Management Agreement here: Directors_Employment_Agreement_German_Law

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Checklist: Formation of a German Company. And then what?

The most popular company form in Germany is the “Gesellschaft mit beschr√§nkter Haftung” which translates “company with limited liability”. We explain the formation process here (see PDF guideline) and provide a sample set of documents (articles of association, statutes etc.) here.

If you have decided to set up a German subsidiary or register a branch office of your existing company in Germany, the list of FAQs and the formation checklist in this article will guide you through the procedure.

However, before you can fully concentrate on your business there are still some more issues to be taken care of. In addition to the basic registration duties, which are explained on the website if the Central Tax Office, here is a short checklist of what you should not forget when starting a company in Germany: Continue reading