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German forced share rules

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Can Brits with domicile in Germany avoid the German Compulsory Share Rules?

Theoretically yes, by using a choice of law clause in the will, but German Supreme Court established high hurdles If the deceased - regardless of their nationality - had their habitual residence (which is essentially identical with the main residence) in Germany prior to their death, German inheritance law applies, including the provisions on the compulsory share / forced heirship (Pflichtteil). More on those Pflichtteil rules here: https://www.crosschannellawyers.co.uk/what-are-the-german-forced-share-rules/ Thus, spouses and offspring, and even parents…
Bernhard Schmeilzl
February 13, 2024
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What are the German Forced Share Rules?

If German Succession Rules do apply (and this is the case more often than one might think), then the surviving spouse, the children and even the parents of the deceased do inherit a portion of the estate no matter what, i.e. even if the deceased had expressly disinherited them in his Will! Under German law there exist strict forced share rules (Pflichtteil). In cases where the surviving spouse and/or close relatives, namely descendants or parents,…
Bernhard Schmeilzl
January 9, 2017