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Family Law

Challenging Paternity in Germany and the UK: Very Different Procedures

Am I really the father? How can I find out? Paternity tests under German law Imagine you get to know a woman at the birthday party of your best friend; it is love at first sight. A whirlwind romance begins and you decide to get married. Then your wife gives you the happy news that a child is under way.  After your child is born, your sweet little baby looks like the spitting image of…
Bernhard Schmeilzl
July 10, 2015
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Alimony in Germany: Child Maintenance and Financial Support for Single Mothers

How much Child Support is due in Germany? You are or have been in a relationship with a German woman. She is pregnant and wants you to pay alimony for the newborn-to-be. But you are not sure whether you are the father. What to do? This post deals with unmarried couples only. For children born in marriage, German law presumes that the husband is the father. If the husband has doubts about this then he…
Bernhard Schmeilzl
September 2, 2013