Brexit as a Business Opportunity for British SME’s

British SME’s can avoid losing EU customers and business partners by creating a EU subsidiary. And they can get ahead of their British Competitors while doing it.

Brexit leaves many British businesses confused and scared about how and in which legal framework they will be able to continue to operate their business within the EU. Many of those businesses will merely wait and see what happens for many months or even years.

However, waiting can be dangerous: Your existing customers and business partners in Europe may be uncertain about whether they can still rely on you to provide the goods and services in the long run. Consequently, they may turn to non-UK suppliers to avoid risks (more on this here). Continue reading

Buying a German Company: A quick Checklist

In case you think about buying or merging with an existing German enterprise there are many legal and tax aspects to consider (for the formation of a new Germany company see here). Below we have compiled a few issues from the perspective of a German lawyer that may be of interest for a potential buyer: Continue reading