Friendly Germans

Friendly Germans is a group of individual service providers in Germany: lawyers, tax advisors, accountants, designers, web hosts, advertisers and more. These firms assist small and medium enterprises from the UK in launching or expanding their business in Germany.

Are you looking to start a business in Germany, expand an existing company, open a branch office or appoint a regional representative? Do you need help with business development and marketing in Germany? Are you looking for German business partners, professionals, personnel or experts in certain fields of technology or business sectors? Or do you simply need help with practical matters like opening a German bank account, renting office space or collecting relevant facts for your business decisions?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the members of Friendly Germans can help. The members of the FG network provide consultancy and operational services to British businesses large and small, including SMEs and not for profits,  in all these areas. We specialise in developing Anglo-German business relationships and there are very few tasks our team of experts, consultants, lawyers and business experts will not be able to manage. Test us!


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