The Network of British Professionals and Consultants in Southern Germany

Having a lawyer is helpful, but lawyers cannot do everything (as much as they would like to!). Thus, Cross Channel Lawyers has teamed up with a number of experienced Consultants from different areas to assist our UK clients in Germany with non-legal matters from the fields of accounting and tax, marketing and recruiting to the IT industry. And guess what, most of these professionals and consultants are British nationals who have been living and working in Germany for many years. Hence, they speak your language and know both worlds making your life much easier.

  • Are you looking to start or expand a business in Germany, open a branch office or appoint a regional representative?
  • Do you need help with business development and marketing in Germany?
  • Are you looking for German business partners, professionals (e.g. tax advisors or accountants), personnel or experts in certain fields of technology or business sectors? 
  • Or do you simply need help with practical matters like opening a German bank account, renting office space or collecting relevant facts for your business decisions?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the Brits in Bavaria network can most probably help you. The network provides consultancy and operational services to both British businesses large and small, including SMEs and not for profits. We specialise in developing Anglo-German business relationships and there are very few tasks our team of experts, consultants, lawyers, tax and business experts will not be able to manage. Feel free to contact me for a brief chat on.

All the best, your Brit in Bavaria

Elissa Jelowicki


Elissa is a British and Canadian Citizen living in Munich. She is an English qualified solicitor who is also a Registered European Lawyer admitted to the Munich Bar Association. Being a Brit in Munich herself, Elissa knows the British expat community in Germany and can recommend a qualified expert in pretty much every field.